STOP Cellulite thanks to LPG Cellu M6 : Smooth and Firm Up Skin

LIPOMODELAGE is a science means of cellular stimulation perfected by LPG.

It performs a deep reactivation of dormant cells using a simple mechanical stimulation of the skin whicj is 100% natural and is both painless and non-invasive.

This principle of physical stimulation performs a wonderful banishment of deep-seated oils and thus remodelling the figure, and it also works on the surface of the skin to tone the skin and smooth the cellulite.

We have the latest generation of Cellu M6 machines which, after much study, have been significantly improved to optimise your results, thus achieving your goals.

Accompanied and papmpered throughout your visit, you will leave the SPA VENTOUX PROVENCE with the keys you need to maintain and optimize your weight loss program.