Impedance: 15 €

First Consultation, consultation Review Diet 1 hour: 50 €

It includes nutritional assessment, an impedance measurement, anthropometric measures and delivery of the first food program.

Your program is totally personalized.

The first consultation with the objective of establishing a balance sheet, an inventory of your diet and your current pace of life.
This is a real moment of exchange in which I listen to you and understand your problem.

Following consultation Diet, 30-40 minutes: 35 €

It includes your anthropometric and nutritional monitoring, prescription of a new nutritional program for your new goals, correcting any dietary errors.
It helps maintain your motivation.
Follow-up visits are essential because they allow to refine the advice at every appointment and make results sustainable.

With followed us manage to make a real nutritional rehabilitation, guarantee of lasting results!



Assistance to food purchases, 1 hour: 50 €

It allows to decipher the labels and foil the marketing traps.

During dietary 2 hours: 100 €

Dietary consultations are not supported by social security but many complementary health reimburse entirely or in part. Check with your insurance, it is probably the case.