Your Spa, Malaucène, offers the Beauty Treatments


Make pamper you

The Ventoux Provence Spa offers a range of treatments: massages, scrubs, wraps, the facials, slimming care but also the Beauty Treatments!

So do not delay doing pampered, everything is there ...


The Waxing - The Beauties of Hand and Foot
The Dyes Eyelashes and Eyebrows - Makeup

Our Spa-practitioners Estheticians are open every day by appointment.

Our beauty of the hands and feet lasts 50 minutes, complete treatment with scrub and massage, gentle hands and feet, you can add a nail polish or a semi-permanent installation.

Want a makeup advice? Make an appointment and ridges guide you ... The practitioner will enhance your complexion, your eyes, your lips and give you the tips you need to do, at home alone, a beauty boost thunder.