Body Care

The largest spa, offers a multitude of treatments, pamper your body, give it a scrub followed by a body wrap, your skin will be filled!

Body Scrub

Treat yourself to our scrubs "Sothys", sugar and salt, peeling the three salt, cinnamon peeling ginger, lemon petit grain, cherry blossom and lotus ....

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Body Wrap - Mud

The wrap is a wellness break and beauty that helps eliminate toxins, it also acts on the tensions and real virtues de-stressing, it releases accumulated tension donations.

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Rituel Secret de Sothys

Le soin Excellence, des rituels "d'exception" à découvrir...

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Rituels Corps

Découvrez les soins Signatures: Rituel corps détente Sothys
Découvrez les Instants SECRETS de Sothys, soins d'exceptions luxe à essayer absoluement

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