Find Care "Sothys Paris" at the Spa in Vaucluse

The facial is a complete care to beautify our skin and give us a fresh complexion! Good assured mine!

Featuring up removal phase, scrub, steam and comedones extraction, facial massage, treatment mask and day cream application for your skin type, the facial COCOONE your skin, rehydrates in depth and regenerates.

Facials and try to discover:

- The primary care: cleaning classic skin

- The season of care: care relaxation seasonal scents

- Intensive care contractors: High performance care

Eleutherococcus, energizing care that restores radiance to the complexion, stimulates cell renewal, a booster care for our skin.

The hydradvance, specific treatment intense re-hydration, based on hyaluronic acid, hydrate care surface and depth, flexible skin plumped, smoothed and comfortable, a hydration bath for your skin.

3. Hyaluronic collagen anti-wrinkle specific, suits all ages, stimulates cell renewal, firms and smoothes the features, a fountain of youth for your skin.

Beyond the active ingredients, the quality and effectiveness of Sothys products, facial massage is proving a major asset beauty, it multiplies the effects of care, stimulates cell renewal and relaxes the facial features.

To plump, remodel or stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, the art of touch of our practitioners fill your youthful dreams.

Endermologie Cellu M6 LPG

This ancestral technique of stimulation by rolling the skin is today re-introduced as CELL M6. This method of manual stimulation of the flesh allows wrinkled skin to be re-invigorated and plumped, toning the face thus encouraging the disappearance of all

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