Slimming Cures

Professional, efficient and friendly, all Ventoux Provence Spa team mobilizes to help you achieve your weight loss goal!


THE LPG Cellu M6


Sculpt your body, removed from storage fat, firm up your skin, smooth cellulite and refines your legs for a firm and harmonious body.

1 session 35' 60 €
1 Session
45' 90 €
Tights   17 €


10 Session 35' 540 €
20 Session 35' 1050 €
10 Session 45' 810 €
20 Session 45' 1590 €



Cure Pinch Roll combined manual infrared sauna

849 €


The infrared sauna, you know? Ideal for slim down and eliminate toxins, an infrared sauna session you can lose between 800 and 1000 kcal per session ... In addition to slimming is a real moment of relaxation ...

Indulge yourself with this treatment combining rolling massage manual and infrared sauna: a duo!

1 balance sheet: contact and objective of the treatment (30 ')
1 dietary consultation with 1 balance of impedance (50 ')
12 slimming sessions including:
1 Signature slimming treatment (80 ')
10 sessions of 60 'comprising 30' infrared sauna and 30 'of rolling massage manual
1 dietary followed with 1 impedance balance sheet at the end of treatment (45 ')



Pressure Therapy Cure

380 €

Heavy legs ... Another good female problem!

Fortunately there are solutions ... The pressure therapy for instance!

The boots of pressure therapy in which you will be installed (e) will relieve your legs, fight against circulatory problems that accentuate cellulite but mostly relieve your body ... Finally a feeling of lightness ...

12 sessions of pressure therapy (30 ')



Cure LPG combined with pressure therapy

1029 €

Exfoliate your cellulite and refine your figure with the latest LPG lipomodelage!

LPG global leader in cellular stimulation with Cellu M6 designed for you ... The balance between production and elimination of fat is a process provided by naturally slimming cells (adipocytes). Despite a perfectly healthy lifestyle and regular physical activity, it often happens that fat storage is growing. Then appear excessive volume and cellulite. This patented technique allows LPG to reactivate the elimination of fat (lipolysis) to erase overload and localized imperfections.

Because we deserve everyone to be beautiful, beautiful and thin, the Spa Ventoux Provence team makes you discover the Cellu M6 technology joint technology Presso therapy ...

Two complementary devices of last generation, to maximize results ...

In addition, you get dietary advice prepared by our dietician to optimize results.

15 sessions

1 balance sheet: contact and spa goal (30 ')

1 dietary consultation with balance of impedance (60 ')

12 sessions of LPG Cellu M6 and 12 sessions of therapy Presso:

A session includes 25 'of Cellu M6 and 25' of pressure therapy.

1 dietary followed with an impedance balance at the end of treatment (45 ')




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This process provides an in-depth re-vitalization of the cellular activity through a simple and effective manual stimulation of the skin without pain or discomfort and in a non-invasive manner.A body care which is 100% natural.

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Infra-Red Sauna

Infra-Red Sauna, Another tool to help with weight loss...The heat from the ceramic infra-red lamps immediately penetrate below the skin to a depth of 4 cm infra-red rays are 100% natural

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