Weight-Loss Treatments

Palper Rouler 51 € (25 minute)

Massage Svelte 79 € (50 minute)

LPG Alliance

LipoModelling and EndermoLifting

These treatments require between 8 and 12 sessions depending on your objectives and our analysis. This is a program which in entirely customized for a weight-loss procedure which is 100% natural and painless.

EndermoLift (facial anti-age)

Per Session                                                      35 min                      60 €

Cure 10 sessions                                                                             540 €

Cure 20 sessions                                                                            1050 €


LipoModelling (firming, slimming, anti-cellulite, cleansing)

1 Session 35 minute 60€ 1 Session 45 minute 90€
10 Session 35 minute 540€ 10 Session 45 minute 810€
20 Session 35 minute 1050€ 20 Session 45 minute 1590€




Weight Care in Three Parts

This ritual is based upon the elimination and firming up of body tissue. A localized keratolytic exfoliation using fruit acids followed by an innovative trilogy of slimming massages; the three phases (cleansing, purging, and firming) are followed by a special wrap to bring lightness and tone to the figure.

1h30                               149 €


Infra Red Sauna

25 minutes       22 €
For two persons 35 €







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This process provides an in-depth re-vitalization of the cellular activity through a simple and effective manual stimulation of the skin without pain or discomfort and in a non-invasive manner.A body care which is 100% natural.

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