Weigh it is ...

Measure its fat is better !

The impedance what is it?

The impedance is a scientific technique to calculate the fat content (fat) in the body. Long used by doctors, it is now accessible to the public. You can estimate your ideal weight with the help of our dietician.


Impedancemetry why?

A classic balance gives you your total weight, but that's all. This information is important, but incomplete, insofar as you do not know how those extra match of body fat and how much lean tissue match such as muscles and bones.

If body fat is essential for the vital functions of the body, its excess presents known risks to health. A fat monitor allows you to monitor your body fat level to help you stay within desired limits. Moreover, the extent of body fat is especially important for judging the effectiveness over time of weight loss programs.

The impedance also provides other information such as your body water percentage (also called rate of hydration or water percentage). This data is useful because a body water deficit may have significant impact on health, ranging from a simple deterioration of mood and a mild state of fatigue (for the security deficits 1 %) to coordination problems, vomiting, cramps, etc ... (for larger deficits). Hydration a loss of over 10% is synonymous with danger.

To control your body water percentage the only sensation of thirst is not a reliable criterion, as this sensation appears only when the body water losses reach a value ranging from 0.5 to 1 liter. Moreover, the sensation of thirst diminishes with age. Some impedancemeters balance models are able to accurately determine your hydration level, allowing you to detect and any deficit level.


The impedance principle?

A stream of very low intensity and safe * through the body of the subject. This current easily penetrates the muscle tissue but meets greater resistance when he must cross the fat. This gap is measured and allows the calculation of body fat percentage of the total weight of the subject, etc ....

(*: Attention pacemakers subjects must not use the impedance device).

The impedance for that?

Apart from pacemakers and children under 7 years or a body size of less than 110 cm everyone can use the impedance devices.

Pregnant women can use without risk to the unborn child; However, pockets of water related to pregnancy distorting measures the rate of fat and body water. It is therefore advisable d'utiliser scales based solely on one weighing (only possible on some models).