Jets under water

The jets underwater exert pressure on the body and mobilizing deep kneading the muscles .

The jets under the water gradually raise body tension .

The benefits of the jets under water are felt in the joints , muscles and circulation

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Water, air, and lots of pleasure!
In today’s world, daily life increases our stress, makes us tired, and raises blood pressure; the Jacuzzi is a great way to combat the daily grind.

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The Geyser

True well-being comes from the depths, and the Geyser is proof!
A revitalising force, gushing from its 5 jets, massages your body evenly from top to bottom
Excellent for problems of sore legs and other circulatory problems…

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Swan’s Neck Jet

The Swan’s Neck Jet shoots a strong water jet to massage your head, neck and shoulders, leaving you feeling your muscles completely relax like magic!
Your body and mind will find their balance in a matter of a few moments.

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