The Geyser

Ideal for tired legs fatigue

True well-being comes from the depths, and the Geyser proves it!

A revitalizing force, gushing from its 5 jets, uniformly massages your body from top to bottom. Great for circulation problems, this strong sparkling current envelopes you and brings both relaxation and vitality, allowing you to forget your daily woes.

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Water, air, and lots of pleasure!
In today’s world, daily life increases our stress, makes us tired, and raises blood pressure; the Jacuzzi is a great way to combat the daily grind.

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Swan’s Neck Jet

The Swan’s Neck Jet shoots a strong water jet to massage your head, neck and shoulders, leaving you feeling your muscles completely relax like magic!
Your body and mind will find their balance in a matter of a few moments.

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Jets under water

The jets of water improves the quality of skin and exert a drainage over the entire body . Eases muscle and joint tension

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