Slimming Massage at Spa in Vaucluse


The slimming massage or cellulite is not a relaxing treatment, its purpose is to break unwanted adipose mass and evacuate.

Handmade, it is not reputed to be particularly pleasant but is prized for its efficiency.

Discover our massage "Slender", he is energetic and vigorous, a first phase of drainage to start this treatment monitoring of specific maneuvers. The rolling massage manual is very effective, it can be painful depending on the area.

Cellulite, no one escapes, or almost ... It affects 90% of women! In addition, it is not necessarily a question of weight: the orange skin also affects thin.

To eliminate cellulite, we must act on all fronts. balanced diet, regular exercise and massage adapted remain the best weapons to dislodge a stubborn cellulite.


Benefits of Slimming care


The slimming massage can effectively remove excess fat, smooth cellulite, restores skin suppleness and elasticity.

Moreover, by their dynamism and precision, gestures performed improve the removal of metabolic waste and blood flow. The drainage phase helps to eliminate toxins.

  "The Slender" or rolling massage has real virtues re-vitalizing. Beyond its firming and Shaping properties, it reduces the feeling of heavy legs.

In addition to a balanced diet, massage is essential for losing centimeters around the belly, thighs or hips.

Boost the effects of anti-cellulite or firming creams, discover the Spa slimming range of our products Sothys Paris.


Our cures Slimming

The Ventoux Provence Spa team offers various treatments thinning with constant monitoring to achieve desired results. We advise you to choose the most appropriate treatment for your needs. Please inquire at reception or at our spa practitioners.