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Dietary consultation in Malaucene Vaucluse

Elodie Rousset - Dietician nutritionist D.E

I propose to accompany you in a thoughtful approach feed, balanced and tasty. Dietician nutritionist graduate status, I receive you by appointment for personalized consultations.

Learning to eat healthy and lose weight without ever resume takes time and commitment. It is essential to learn to listen to your body, desires and needs, the goal is not to lose weight quickly, but over time by adopting positive eating behavior to health and taking into account your home environment , social, cultural and economic.

I work on the principle that adopting a better diet "Eating Well" is combined with the notion of pleasure and not of frustration. So I particularly stresses the consideration of your feelings.

Personalized consultations concern you if:

- You are healthy.

- Want to lose weight.

- You want to rebalance your diet.

- You have a medical condition and want to improve your health.

- You need help to adapt your diet to your lifestyle (shift work, business meals ...).

- You are sporty and want to adapt your diet to your business to optimize your performance.


Pregnancy, lactation, birthing suites

Because pregnancy is, 20% of women, the opportunity to develop a definitive overweight. I therefore offer my support for:

- Manage all your weight gain while maintaining nutritional balance necessary for the proper development of the baby and the health of you, the future mother.

- Advise on food choice: the quantity, quality, food prohibited to avoid risks (such as listeria or toxoplasmosis).

- Give you solutions to the discomforts of pregnancy: nausea, constipation ...

- Assist you in managing your gestational diabetes, if any. Answer all the questions that you ask (as well as Dad!) About diet during pregnancy.

Of course this support may continue after delivery to the needs of the young mother.

When the baby is finally here all the time and energy of the mother are dedicated to the care provide. Often, eating mom, and the rest of the family, is relegated to the back row of family concerns.

Therefore, after the birth, I will help you:

- Lose any excess weight in pregnancy

- Optimize your diet as part of breastfeeding

- Reconcile the family diet and the upheaval caused by the baby's arrival, with tips for organizing meals every day, "kitchen tips", or sample menus for the whole family)

- Later addressed with serenity diversification of feeding your baby.