Rates Water Care

The Hydromassage bath with salts Conditioner

Allied to the virtues of water and salts, chromotherapy stages of color with light spots that color your water.


35 €


Our showers Affusion

Like a veil of softness, this treatment soothes both body and mind. This shower helps you to relax, to optimize the flow of blood and thus boost the immune system and detoxify the body. Add to that a massage with two or four hands and you will understand why Hydro-Air care is a time to share between self and self.

The shower Affusion


29 €


 Affusion Massage


55 €

The massage is performed on the rear face    


Massage Affusion four hands


89 €

The massage is performed on the whole body    


You can just come and enjoy a treatment or combine your day Aqua Relaxation