Body Massages

The Essentials                                                                                                                

Massage focused on the zone of your choice: back, feet, …

25' 51 €


The Anti-Stress     

Slow and fluid, this massage takes care of the whole body, from head to toe, using enveloping techniques.

50' 78 €


The Deep Tissue       

Powerful and deep massage of all the body to solve the tensions muscular

50' 81 €


The Digital-Revitalizer

Massage using pressure techniques on the meridians to provide an energy balance.

                   50' 81 €


The Fullness                                                                                  

Massage using hot stones, a source of well-being and energy.                              

50' 81 €


The Intuitive


Well-being massage adapted to your needs, based on listening and understanding your expectations.   

50' 81 €


The Infini

Deep and powerull massage for relax
80' 126 €


The Abyangha

Ayurveda massage
80' 126 €


The Four Hands

Escape you in a bubble of well-being thanks to the techniques of 4 hands. Assured relaxation!  

50' 150 €