You can simply come to take advantage of a care or to combine(organize) him(it) in your day Aqua Détente

It is by no means about medical MASSAGE or about physiotherapy but about techniques of well-being in the physical relaxation and the relaxation. According to the law of April 30th, 1946 and to the decree N°60665 of July 4th, 1960 and to the article L489 and that of October 8th, 1996.


The Starter

Stimulating with pétrissages, frictions and percussions which(who) accelerates the blood circulation and gets a sensation of heat so that muscles react more quickly. 50' 84 €

The Ventoux

Based on the breath and the oxygenation of tissues, he allows a muscular preparation smoothly directed on the relaxation and the concentration to soften muscles and prevent the aches

50' 84 €