The Sports Massage for Muscle Recovery

Both relaxing, energizing and detoxifying, sports massage improves physical performance, "The Starter" optimizes the effects of sports training and "Ventoux" promotes and helps muscle recovery after exercise.

The body muscles are "heated" by kneading, stretching and smoothing, gestures of this massage is conducive to muscular de-contraction.

The pressure of this treatment is slow and deep, this massage releases accumulated tension and relaxes muscles. The body regains its energy. Ideal for physical and muscle recovery.


The benefits of sports massage

The enemy No. 1 sport, injuries aside, it is the soreness the day after the effort. But these pains can be avoided provided that the recovery phase is well managed. That's the whole point of sports massage. Aches occur when toxins generated by physical exertion are not eliminated.

For evacuating vessels, massage is the best solution.

Another objective relax muscles put to use by giving them back the tone. This allows the tired body to regain some vitality. This element is essential for amateur or professional athletes who quickly linked together training and competitions. Respecting the recovery phase, it diminishes the risk of injury.