Aquapalme: targeted work for a nicer, curvy body

If you prefer to swim rather than the classic aerobics, the aquapalmes is for you.

The goal is to work mainly the lower body (thighs, glutes, calves) and abdominal swimming with fins. This aqua sports allows also work cardio. You can swim on the stomach, back or side with palms, the sports teacher offer you different exercises that will solicit various different muscles.

The Aqua-palm combines the benefits of swimming and water aerobics.

What are the benefits of Aqua Palms?

Besides being a good way to burn calories, this course can:

- Unzip and have a good time in the water,

- Toning your body, find a flat stomach and firm muscles

- Develop your physical capacities (cardio, endurance ...)

- Reshaping the lower body

- Secondly, the water has a draining effect on the whole body with muscles relaxed at the exit of the pool, you have less risk of soreness.

So do not wait, subscribe to one of our courses Aqua-Palme to discover its benefits.

Day and course schedule

11h30 9h15




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These benefits will only satisfy women who wish to refine their body. The aquabike helps fight against water retention, toxins and excess weight are rapidly eliminated in one session you burn 300 to 500 calories!

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