Well Being

Well Being Massage

Indulge yourself in the hands of our Spa-practitioners, quality services that will delight your relaxing day.

Massage "Anti-Stress", soft and enveloping massage "Deep Tissue" deep and powerful to unravel muscle tension: the choice is yours!

Other techniques can be discovered like massage "Fullness" hot stone, massage "Stretch" with stretching, threshing on towels and an invigorating massage, in short you have the choice according to your desires so let pamper you!

Benefits of massages

The origin of massage dates back to ancient times, the Greeks and Romans were practicing at the time of the gladiators. But in the West, despite the recognized benefits, the practice has long been forgotten.

Today non-medicinal gentle methods are in vogue, the need to take care of yourself and fight against stress become priorities. Beyond the pleasure and relaxation it provides the time, massage has indeed virtues and therapeutic benefits. Some maneuvers reduce joint stiffness and chronic muscle pain, soothe headaches and digestive problems, stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation.