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Facial Care

Fundamental / classic treatment
Fundamental / classic treatment
Fundamental / classic treatment
Fundamental / classic treatmentFunda

Fundamental Classic Treatment

Make-up removal smoothly followed by an exfoliation purity which prepares with care of a mask and of a modelling adapted to every zone of the face. Adapted to the needs for the skin according to its typology, the fundamental care is a care of interview to keep a beautiful skin. 45' 75€




Fundamental / classic treatment
Fundamental / classic treatment
Fundamental / classic treatment
Fundamental / classic treatmentFunda

Beauty care massage rates spa malaucene ventoux provenceHight Protection Eye Treatment

This care specifically studied for the zone of the outline of the eye allows to shade off immediately the signs of fatigue and the ageing. 45' 75 €




Spring - Summer Seasonal Treatment

An unpublished concept allying the chronobiology and the greed to reveal the brightness of the skin in every season. A real bowl of oxygen associated with a cocktail of minerals for booster its defenses before winter and in a cocktail of vitamins to revitalize at the approach of the beautiful season. 45' 75 €






Intensive Treatment Facial

Energising it with Siberian Ginseng

Real booster, this care manual 100 % including a phase of deep cleaning is the ideal only one or in preparation of a cure of anti-ageing or moisturizing intensive treatment to restore energy and brightness in the skin. 75'

95 €






Hydra 3Ha Hyaluronic Acid™

Offer yourselves a care of exception, allying assets(active persons) high technicality and evaluate beautician for an absolute hydration. Enriched in techniques of modelling Digi-esthétique ®, this intensive treatment is an exceptional spring of hydration for the skin. The skin is quenched, revivified. 75' 95 €






Anti-age : B.P3. Tri.Complex™

The first anti-ageing intensive treatment adapted to the real age of your skin according to the expert diagnosis of your beautician who determines your rank of ageing. A professional care mixing technology and exclusive body languages for a proved and long-lasting efficiency. 75' 95 €








Cures Facial

1 Energising + 3 Anti-ageing Collagene 340 €


Cure LPG Endermolift®

An anti-ageing technique 100 % natural to re-densify the in-depth skin and erase the signs of the age. Endermolift offers results glorious feat immediate, which add up then in every session to fill wrinkles, firm up outlines and clarify the complexion.

1 Session 35' 60 €
Kit Endermolift   22 €


Cure of 10 sessions & Balance 540 €
Cure of 20 sessions & Balance 1050 €


Men Facial Care

Fundamental Classic Treatment                                                                                                       

An essential facial skincare allying relaxation and efficiency for rebooster and to detoxify the skin of the men. Cleaning high precision, custom-made mask, relaxing modelling and specific anti-ageing serum man for a more resistant skin and an appearance impéccable. 45' 75 €