You can simply come to take advantage of a care or to combine him in your day Aqua Détente

It is by no means medical MASSAGE or a physiotherapy but techniques of well-being in the physical relaxation and the relaxation. According to the law of April 30th, 1946 and according to the decree N°60665 of July 4th, 1960 and according to the article L489 and that of October 8th, 1996.

Our Exfoliating scrubs, our Envelopes custom-made 100 %.

Products of envelopes and exfoliating scrubs in the unique textures partners in a flavor in the choice.

For a sensory escape in the guaranteed disorientation!

Care Composition

Scrub & Massage

50' 95€

Scrub & Wrap

50' 95€

Massage & Wrap

50' 95€

Scrub, Massage & Wrap

75' 145€


Body Scrub

Lemon tonic and Small Grain

Toning body scrubbing, its tender texture, strewed with lemon peels transports you in a fresh(cool) and tonic sensory escape. 25' 51 €


Delicious Groove Ginger

Delicious exfoliating scrub, a marmalade strewed with powder of spices to exfoliate smoothly and sublimate the skin in an aromatic and amber atmosphere. The skin is softer, pleasantly softened and perfumed. 25' 51 €


Soft and Intense Sugar - Salt

An exfoliating scrub associating salts-sailors and sugars in personaliser with the texture and the sensory escape of its choice. An exfoliation sweet food - salty, soft and tonic, for a velvety skin. A smooth cream for an exfoliating action and a finity ultra silky on the skin. The skin is softer, softened and smooths. 25' 51 €

Remineralizing in Three Salts


51 €



Envelopes body

The Exfoliating Scrub Envelope

At the same time exfoliating scrub and envelope, dive into a soft heat and into an olfactive atmosphere of citrus 25' 51 €

Tonic Moisturizing Firming up

Live the sensation of an envelope pelliculable applied tepid on the skin and be surprised by its effect toning up in the retreat. 25' 51 €

Autoheating mud

Relax and live the at the same time soft and toning sensation of the thermo-active auto-heating mud Sothys and its complex of remineralizing seaweeds and clay. 25' 51 €

The Effect Ice cube

Live the experience of an intense freshness, to boost the blood circulation and find all the lightness which your legs need. 25' 51 €



Intensive Treatment

The Rite Face and Body custom-made 100 %

Understands an exfoliating scrub, an envelope, a modelling custom-made 100 %. 110' 169 €


The Care Signatures


A care of Japanese inspiration in the air notes flower of cherry tree and lotus with a double exfoliating scrub and doubles modelling. 75' 129 €

Oriental Sensation

.A care of oriental inspiration, perfume myrhe Ambre 75' 129 €


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Body Scrub

Treat yourself to our scrubs "Sothys", sugar and salt, peeling the three salt, cinnamon peeling ginger, lemon petit grain, cherry blossom and lotus ....

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Body Wrap - Mud

The wrap is a wellness break and beauty that helps eliminate toxins, it also acts on the tensions and real virtues de-stressing, it releases accumulated tension donations.

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