The Mont Ventoux

The giant of Provence

Mont Ventoux watches over a region, throne from its height of 1912 meters above sea level, overlooks the Provence.

Our Giant of Provence Alpes looks to the north and the Mediterranean south. It is a land bathed vineyards, orchards, lavender, where people like to settle down for the holidays ... or forever!

It's also a sportsman's paradise with the personal and physical challenge of climbing bike or hiking; in winter it is mountain resort where we practice skiing and snowshoeing. Mont Ventoux is also a land of flavors of truffles, cherry Mont de Venasque, strawberries from Carpentras ...

On the north face of Mont Ventoux in an alpine character, there are very steep areas. On this side the many valleys lies the Mont Serein and its ski station, accessible by Malaucène at the top Vaucluse.

The cyclist's paradise: the ascent of Mont Ventoux

Mythical col, our Mont Ventoux attracts cycling enthusiasts and professionals worldwide! Their challenge, climb the giant of Provence Vaucluse who recall their glorious or sad stories of the Tour de France!

Ready to challenge our mountains?

Sports activities at Mont Ventoux
In winter

- Alpine skiing, 12 km of marked trails

Ski touring: 7 km of tracks

- Snowshoeing: 8 km of slopes

- Playground (first step): a ski side and a side sledge

- Treadmill 90 meters (3 to 11 years)

- Luge: reserved area

- Surf: reserved area
In summer

Activities organized by the resort:

- Mont Serein Festival in July (of 1 weekend)

- Dévalkart track of the Edge 11 and over

- Horse riding

- Parc giant inflatable games 2-16 years

- Trampoline (for all) "Fun Trampo"

- Escalad'Arbre course (Tree ®) + Tyrolean 4 to 12 years
free sports activities:

- Discovery Trail JH Fabre

- Hiking

- Mountain bike Hike

- Fitness trail with wooden structure: high bars, wall bars ... (between the track of the Edge and Vallon)

- Nature Experience

- Paragliding; free flight

- Grass skiing