Our Fitness center in Malaucène

Gym includes in Spa access

The Spa Ventoux Provence offers an equipped gym with fitness and weight training equipment.

Everyone has the right to maintain its capital health by practicing regular physical activity, if you want to decorate your relaxing day with an hour of sport is possible! Our gym is included in our access to Aqua relaxation space.

Always at your service and at your disposal, the Spa team is Tienta available for advice or information about our products. To ensure your well-being, the Spa team is at your constantly listening.

Our trainer is present Rémy Tuesday and Friday morning, you can register for courses by calling 04 90 37 05 49.

Rémy offers courses in STRETCHING, BUILDING TRAINING, TRAINING CARDIO, SPECIAL LEGS ABDOS GLUTEUS reservation. Check the schedule of classes.

The sessions € 15

10 sessions € 125 + Registration Fee € 30 / year + 1 Course offered


Private Coatching in Malaucene

You can not only motivate you to do sports but want to take a sport, gyms frequented by the world does not fit you, look no further than Spa coatche you!

Rémy, our sports coatch, is there for you, he developed a personalized program tailored to meet you in private courses. Ask at the reception of the Spa and make an appointment.

€ 65 for 1 hour

€ 550 10 hours