What are the benefits of the hammam?

The hammam is one of the best things you can offer your organization. It opens the pores of the skin, removes dirt and bacteria, clear the sinuses and nasal passages, soothes muscle pain and eases breathing.

End your session with a warm bath, and you will sleep like a baby. Reward follow a cool shower and you will feel intensely invigorated.

The hammam allows it to relieve stress?
Better than anything else. This is particularly important in a society where everything moves fast. The hammam offers a pose necessary, away from everyday worries: a warm steam mist and soothing envelope you and brings calmness.
Close your eyes, breathe deeply and feel your tension go ...


The practice of steam it can facilitate weight loss?

The steam bath is losing water in your body, resulting in a temporary weight loss. Only a program of regular exercise and a balanced diet can help you lose weight in a sustainable way. The steam can still be a wonderful respite after a workout.

The hammam make doit'il part of my training program?
Jog, let off steam on the treadmill or the elliptical, swim an hour doing a course of water aerobics or Aquabike. Then plunge into a steam bath for about 10 minutes. Finish with a shower and you feel miraculously rejuvenated.