Provence Grand Terroir Wine

Provence Grand Terroir Wine

The roads and paths of the region lead to wine lovers and good wines ...

The wineries of the region to discover by car or on foot. Discover the different name and their uniqueness due to their terroir and grape variety, get to know them, to recognize their flavors and introduce you to the food and wine.

Discover the secret of wine !

Tours and Introduction

Many fields and cellars you discover their work, from vine to glass, they make you visit their vineyards
Festive events and gourmet cellar of Rasteau

Throughout the year, on registration, the cellar of Rasteau offers entertainment around the vineyard and wine.

From Vine to Glass!

Throughout the year, on Thursday morning.

Ride an hour and a half from the medieval village, accompanied by a guide and tasting. A guide accompanies and explains the terroir, grape varieties and vineyard work with the seasons ... and the tasting is done in the vault of the gallery.

2.5 kms hiking through the vineyards in the heart of a stunning landscape.
Our team of passionate local Rasteau takes you to discover our vignoble.Tout admiring the beautiful scenery, you will discover what makes the character of our wines. Starting from the medieval village and then through the vineyards on a hillside, well-kept secrets will be revealed Rasteau.

Other workshops are offered as gourmet tasting on the harmony of wine and food, presentation workshops followed by a tasting of appointment as party and culinary "Wine and Truffle," "Wine and Chocolate" ... To discover

Sensory Course

Travelling the 5 senses!

Look, feel, listen, taste, touch

The winegrowers of Cairanne invite you to discover their territory, their cellar and their wine.

All your senses awake ... It is a curious journey which, in turn, ear, eye, hand and nose and mouth will finally kings. The pleasure of the 5 senses mingles meeting with a village and winemakers, the knowledge of a trade, the vision of artists on the art of living. A fun and educational approach to discover the world of wine.

A first space to discover the freshness and intimacy of the cellar, identify Cairanne in its tourism landscape but also Cairanne in the Rhone Valley before starting the course and opens a gallery.
The gallery

It is the link between the various places of the exhibition. It is a route from the origins of the vine until its utilization by the winemakers of the Cave de Cairanne. Video and audio terminals evoke the life of the vine and wine. The gallery opens with thematic rooms that take you from one discovery.

The winemaker Museum

Created in 1982 by Paul Coulon, it is a tribute to past generations.

You will discover different rooms through an impressive collection of old tools once used by growers to grow grapes and make wine.

The wine bar is astonishing in its collection of 2,000 bottles, some of which are blown more than a century old.

You can also enjoy some wine Côtes du Rhône, Châteauneuf du Pape and Rasteau.

Open from April to September

From 14 to 18h
In July and August from 10h to 18h
Closed Tuesday and Sunday

Paul Coulon and son
Route Roaix - 84110 Rasteau