Baby swimming - mummy aerobics - Private lessons

Water babies from 4 months to 4 years

Enjoy its optimum arrangements to give your child a taste of swimming in a fun and ideal environment.

The fear of water does not exist in the infant and your little one enjoys excellent traction in the water, he found his swim very quickly reflexes.

Course duration: 45 min

9h15 9h15

Gym pregnant woman

Courses adapted to pregnant women, ideal for physical activity during pregnancy.


Private lessons

Private lessons are for children or adults, they help you understand water or learning medley. Water phobia, or custom development, our teachers are there to help you, teach you according to your level or your child.
For children, private lessons are the continuity of Baby Swimmer, one on one with the teacher for better concentration and more effective learning.

By appointment, duration 30 minutes. group lessons possibility on Friday at 12.15, by reservation.